Super Cayenne Premium Tincture

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Curing with Cayenne Book


"A small range with Huge Health Benefits"
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100% Pure Vitamin C
Crystalline Sodium Ascorbate 
Support a Healthy Immune Naturally
Buffered: Gentle on tummy & teeth
100% Hypoallergenic & Corn Free
Pharmaceutical Grade
1 flat teaspoon = 80  oranges
225 servings per pottle
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Price per 200ml Bottle
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Nature's Star NZ Ltd
200ml = over 3600 drops,     where 1ml = 18 drops 
This mighty Tincture has a Scoville Heat Unit Rating of 75,000. 

Maintenance  1-3 drops with food.   

Chronic:           4-6 drops with food.   

Acute:               7-10 drops with food   

Use and Handle with Care
(Dropper  included)

Publication Available:  "Curing With Cayenne" is an incredible read, Dr Richard Schulze Medical Herbalist  interviewed by Sam Biser.

* Antioxidant
* Helps strengthen immune system
* Inhibits blood clot formation

* Prevents toxins binding to DNA, strengthening       connective tissue

* Helps increase your levels of good (HDL) cholesterol


Suggested use: 2 caps per day: Servings = 30. 

Contains: Whole Red Raspberry Extract  1000mg, providing 40mg of Ellagitannin Complex, Grape Seed Extract (OPC) 60mg, Green Tea Catechine Extract 150mg, Proprietary Blend 140mg - Plant enzymes ,
L-Cysteine, L-Theanine, L-Methionine, L-Taurine
*  Helps improve muscle relaxation and sleep.
*  Helps stimulate, build, maintain a healthy immune system
*  Enhances heart, brain and kidney function
*  Helps lower blood pressure and cholesterol 

Suggested use:  2 caps per day    45 servings per pottle

    Reishi Mushroom 400mg,
    Cordyceps Mushroom 400mg,
    Shiitake Mushroom 300mg,
    Maitake Mushroom 300mg.
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* Used for 100's of years to help  occasional depression & moods
* Helps ease symptoms of fever, coughs, sneezing & runny nose
* Relieves stomach pain relaxing stomach & intestinal muscles
* Helps to ease the symptoms of painful & difficult menstruation
. Refer to Page 3 of Data Sheet for High Dose usage

 Suggested use: 2 caps per day    50 servings per pottle

    Lemon Grass 1,000mg
    containing a minimum of 75% to 86% naturally occurring Citral
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100% Pure Natural Pharmaceutical Grade Dietary Supplements


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"New Super Cayenne Premium Tincture"
    aka "She Wees"
Stand While you Pee!  **$14.00 per Pack of 7**
exclusively produced in NZ 
           for Nature's Star
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Sodium Ascorbate Buffered Vitamin C
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