Nature's Star NZ Ltd - Logo and Name

For those who might be interested how I came about the name and logo, this little story is quite remarkable.

Since 1988 the business was known as the Blase Company. Many calling it the Blase' Company or asking for its significance, to which I've never known. When it came to change the name I did not know where to start however I knew it should have significance.  I thought of my name Stella meaning Star and then the connection of the products being natural - of Nature. I woke up one morning and thought of Nature's Star. I popped onto Google to see if this name was taken and the first thing that popped up was a video link showing how to create a 'nature's star' pattern quilt. At that time there did not appear to be another business with this name, so I went with it and tentatively registered it.

Later that afternoon I had an order for some Citral Lemon Grass. There was no loose stock on the shelves so I had to get a bulk box out. I opened it up and there on top of the pottles was a lovely handmade place mat in green and burgundy and in the design of the 'nature's star' quilt  I had seen on google that same morning! (picture inserted)

This was a very lovely gift from Lori one of the Team at VitaPurity Pharmaceuticals in the States. For a moment I was stunned... to this day I still am amazed how these things come about with no explanation, tiny synchronicities everywhere. For me, it was confirmation I had chosen the right name, reinforcing my special connection and relationship with Lori  and the amazing VitaPurity products.

The next step was to design a Logo - this also came about quickly, I based it on the Nature's Star quilt Lori sent and incorporated a nature theme. I was fortunate enough to stumble across a very talented man William Tongue who offered much advice and with such speed was able to create the Nature's Star logo within a week!

"I incorporated the honeycomb effect into the logo to represent the huge impact that bees have on our natural environment.

How do these tiny insects who only live for 6 weeks  know how to construct miraculous geometrical designs using precise and effective hexagonal wax cells to store larvae and honey?  A magnificent engineering design most humans could not explain without using extensive complex mathematical calculations.   Just one of Nature's many wonders"

The Logo:

digitally created by William Tongue

Check out his website: